The Debrief | Episode 009

The Debrief | Episode 009

Pia debriefs her conversation with EB and Jonathan Combs, two-thirds of the founding team at Realm, a photo studio and event venue in Denver, CO.

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Curate Conversations | Episode 009 Debrief

Debrief of Episode 009

Ep 009 of Curate Conversations features EB and Jonathan Combs — 2 thirds of the founding team of Realm — a photo studio and event venue in Denver, CO.

I’ve gotten to know EB and Jonathan really well over the last 3 years. EB is the photographer responsible for all of the brand photos we take for CWco., Jonathan is almost always on set behind the scenes making sure our shoot goes smoothly. They’ve stayed with us when they come to Santa Barbara, and we’ve stayed with them in Denver as we continue our creative partnership from afar.

It was such a joy to have this conversation with them, and as you might notice — this episode is a bit more…candid? Than some of our others.

I hope you enjoy this debrief of Ep 009 of Curate Conversations.

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