The Debrief | Episode 014

The Debrief | Episode 014

Pia debriefs her conversation with Briana Kurtz, founder of 0xx.

Show notes

Curate Conversations | Episode 014 Debrief

In Episode 014, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Briana Kurtz — founder of 0xx, past Curate client, and in general, wonderful human being.

Briana is incredibly knowledgeable about web3 and crypto, having been in the space long before it gained popularity in more recent years.

We talked about how crypto is about more than money, how the concepts people are wary of when it comes to crypto are actually not new concepts at all, what’s coming in the future of Crypto, decentralized work teams, and so so SO much more.

There were a few things from our conversation that stuck with me. Let's dig in.

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Pia Beck

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